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Over the past few years, cannabis experts, chefs, enthusiasts, and even those craving have tried to set cannabis in everything edible. Moreover, with the proven advantages to uphold their marijuana seed growing, cannabis-infused dinners and desserts become popular. Possibilities are endless in cooking with cannabis-infused recipes. 


Cannabis oil can be ingested or consumed when added to cookies, pastries, candy, cakes, sauces, gravies, salad dressings, and several meals. Cannabis brownies and cookies are the mainstream cannabis-infused delicacy. 


The cannabinoids need to be melted with heat into some fat to either oil or butter before digested. That is why eating raw cannabis buds will not typically get someone high. Edibles are compact, safe, provide long-lasting effects and of course, yummy. 

 Simple canna-butter recipe

Canna-butter, the ultimate recipe.  

After harvesting and collecting loose trims of  your nirvana seeds weed, it’s time to make Canna-Butter. A particular strain may not affect the taste, but the effect may be the same— sometimes high, sometimes low depending on the quality of the trims. 


Most recipes for delicious edibles call for “canna-butter.” It can then be used generally in any recipe calling for butter. Making canna-butter is almost the same method in making concentrates in a simplest way. 


Preparing canna-butter

To prepare the canna-butter, mix a stick of butter or margarine and two cups of water into a pot at Three hundred degrees Fahrenheit (300⁰F). Next, add about one-fourth cup finely minced cannabis. Cook for three hours and a half hours, mixing occasionally, then reduce heat to One hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit (100⁰F) and simmer for one more hour. 


The cooking process generates a dark green, oily liquid. Pour the liquid through a triple-layer of cheesecloth into a tapered bowl to separate the plant residues. Let it cool to handle and gently squeeze the cheesecloth, but not very much or it will make the canna-butter taste bitter without increasing potency. 


Place the bowl in a cooler or fridge for a couple of hours, and the canna-butter will separate and harden on the top. Then, holding over a sink, turn the bowl upside down to remove the residual water. The tapered sides help it release easier than usual. Rinse the green mud from the bottom of the “canna-butter” since that is what contributes to any bad taste. Place the canna-butter to a clean and dry container and store in the refrigerator.


Ganja de Pastillas

A soft candy made with cannabis, the “Ganja de Pastillas” of the Philippines. One of the most popular native delicacies from the suburb provinces in the Philippines, Pastillas is a sweet sugary rolled cylindrical thumb size milk-based dessert soft candy. Infused with canna-butter, Ganja de Pastillas gives a low dose of either THC or CBD depending on the marijuana strain used in preparing the canna-butter.


The ingredients:

  • (2) Two cups of powdered milk (skimmed or full cream milk will do)
  • (1) One can of condensed milk (approximately fourteen ounces)
  • (1) One tablespoon of canna-butter
  • (1/2) One and a half cup of sugar for coating
  • CBD crystals (optional)


This recipe should create around Seventy to Eighty candies.

Canna-Butter Recipe | Happy Bears edibles



  1. Pour the powdered and condensed milk in a bowl. 

Pour two cups of powdered milk and a can of condensed milk into a bowl. Combine and mix the powdered and condensed milk synchronically. The mixture may be a concise dense and firm to mix, so have patience and a thick and sturdy spoon. A portable electric mixer can be the right choice in mixing the ingredients.


  1. Add the canna-butter.

Add one tablespoon of canna-butter to the mixture. Blend it in including the other ingredients. Gently stir the mixture to dissolve the canna-butter completely. Continue mixing until all ingredients combined thoroughly. For a potent dose of CBD, you may add a drop CBD oil to the mixture.


  1. Shape your candy into circles or cylinders. 

Make a dough-like mixture by adding condensed milk and continue mixing the dough to diffuse the ingredients evenly. Choose the form you’d prefer for your pastillas; they can be circular, or they can be more cylindrical. Use your palms to give them their desired shape; you can wear gloves if you wish to. Place the molded candies on a plate.


  1. Pour the sugar on a plate. 

Pour about half a cup of sugar on a plate. Roll the pastillas into the sugar. Make sure that all part is covered.


  1. Chill for about an hour. 

It is necessary to chill the pastillas first before wrapping it with your favorite color cellophane wrapper.


  1. Wrap the pastillas in cellophane.

You can trim the cellophane in advance to get the desired shape. Next, place the pastillas in the cellophane and wrap the ends of it. Viola, Ganja de pastillas.


  1. Serve and store.

Put the pastilles on a fancy plate and enjoy. You can serve them as a snack or a quick bite of a dessert whenever you like. Store in a tight mason jar in room temperature. Keeping the Ganja De Pastillas in a refrigerator for an hour before consuming is an option but not recommended because it may harden the pastilles.





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