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CBN Dosage Guide & Chart [For Sleep, Anxiety, and More]

Many people are using the cannabinoid CBN as a natural sleep alternative to melatonin. Others are finding it beneficial for anxiety, pain, and general wellness.

And now you’ve decided that you’d like to give it a try, too. But how much should you take?

Since there are no formal guidelines for using CBN, and everyone’s body reacts differently to it, figuring out the right starting dose can be pretty confusing.

And despite CBN’s many potential benefits, it can also cause psychoactive effects, in very high doses. That’s why it’s important you dose it carefully — especially in the beginning.

To help, we’ve created simple dosing formulas and a chart — all based on feedback from 1000s of our customers.

Key Points:

  • For sleep and pain, start by taking 1mg of CBN per 10 lbs. of body weight
  • For anxiety and general wellness, start by taking 0.5mg of CBN per 10 lbs. of body weight
  • A variety of factors will influence your CBN dosage, including why you’re taking it, how much you weigh, the severity of your symptoms, and your cannabinoid tolerance.
  • CBN is mildly psychoactive in very high dosages and will get you high. Most people do not experience any psychoactive effects.

The Benefits of CBN

The amount of CBN strongly depends on why you use it. And there are several reasons you might:

How Much CBN Should You Take? How CBN Dosage Works

We calculate CBN dosage in terms of a specific strength and your body weight, rather than making broad suggestions. Here’s what our dosage formula accounts for:

  • Why you’re using it — Depending on what you’re taking CBN for, you’ll need a specific dosage strength to see results.
  • Weight — Your weight directly determines how much CBN you should take because, depending on the size of your body, you’ll need to take a certain amount of CBN to feel adequate effects.

With these two things in mind, you can calculate a starting dosage (see the next two sections).

However, once you begin using CBN, you’ll also want to consider these two factors as you assess how well your dosage is working:

  • Symptom severity — Although each situation has a specific starting dosage, as you go, you’ll need to adjust the amount of CBN you take depending on how severe your condition is.
  • Body chemistry and tolerance — we’re all unique, and CBN tolerance varies by person. Therefore, the dose you’ll settle on will probably look different than the dosage that someone else uses for the same purpose.

CBN Dosage Strength By Use

With an understanding of how to think about dosing CBN, here are the dosage strengths we recommend for each condition:

CBN Dosage for Sleep

For sleep, we recommend starting with a medium-strength dose of CBN. You can calculate your precise dosage using this formula:

(0.1) x (your body weight in lbs.) = your daily CBN dosage in mg.

CBN Dosage for Anxiety

Anxiety requires a low-strength dosage starting out:

(0.05) x (your body weight in lbs.) = your daily CBN dosage in mg.

CBN Dosage for Pain

For most types of pain, we recommend starting with a medium-strength dosage:

(0.1) x (your body weight in lbs.) = your daily CBN dosage in mg.

CBN Dosage for General Wellness

For general wellness, start with a low-strength dosage of CBN:

(0.05) x (your body weight in lbs.) = your daily CBN dosage in mg.

Takeaway: CBN Dosage

CBN is a very under-researched cannabinoid. Consequently, most of what we know about it has been a result of observation and experimentation.

Thankfully, we’re able to give ballpark CBN dosage recommendations based on what our customers tell us (and our own experiences).

The best advice when finding your perfect dosage of CBN is to start slow, and then make small changes and observe how you feel. And remember that it will be different for everyone — our customers have reported their perfect dosage to be anywhere from 10mg to over 100mg.

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