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Does CBD Hemp Oil Give You Energy?


CBD’s effects on the body stem from its interaction with the endocannabinoid system.

The body already has its own naturally-produced cannabinoids, endocannabinoids, that circulate and interact with the ECS. Since these cannabinoids are working overtime all the time, they sometimes need a boost. 

When CBD is introduced into the body, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system by activating endocannabinoids receptors: cannabidiol-1 (CB1) and cannabidiol-2 (CB2).

CBD oil helps maintain an optimal level of homeostasis or natural balance, that the ECS works so hard to keep balance. Without this equalizing balance, the biological processes that the ECS is involved with can be thrown off track. Thus, ailments and disease, amongst other health issues, can ensue. 

Fortunately, with the help of CBD, homeostasis can be maintained! Thus, encouraging a level of balance of bodily processes, optimal health, and energy flow. Sounds like a win!


Not only does CBD have the potential to help alleviate various ailments, but it can also play a role in boosting energy. What do the scientists and researchers say? Is there evidence to support these claims? Why, yes, here’s the science. 


A 2014 article published in Current Neuropharmacology concluded that cannabidiol has potential effects to be considered a “wake-promoting agent”. Furthermore, researchers from this study found that microinjections of CBD injected into the hypothalamus activated neurons, leading to an enhancement in the dopamine levels as well as an increase in wakefulness

CBD may increase dopamine levels (the feel-good feelings) and increase wakefulness.

Published in the Handbook of Cannabis and Related Pathologies in 2017, a study in Brazil confirmed the existence of antioxidant properties in CBD. Biologically, organic molecules age or become damaged over time, thus, losing electrons and becoming free radicals. Humans need antioxidants to help restore these molecules, to bring back the necessary balance. 

CBD has been suggested to have antioxidative properties, keeping molecules energized and full. 

Fast forward to 2018, Meletis and Wedman-St. Louis discussed the importance of cannabidiol and mood management. The researchers wrote, “Cannabidiol inhibits the degradation of endocannabinoids, especially anandamide”. In layman’s terms, anandamide has been called the “bliss molecule”. By stopping its degradation, CBD keeps this bliss molecule where it belongs to continuously manage our moods. 

Taking CBD may help keep your mood in tact and energized.

Multiple animal studies confirm CBD’s influence on inflammation, pain, anxiety, energy and more. However, it still is difficult to identify the specific mechanisms for CBD. 


An increasing number of individuals, including  athletes, are incorporating CBD into their regimen for the reasons above. CBD is able to give energy levels a boost by strengthening body cells that are responsible for making you feel sleepy and sluggish. It can help to reignite your focus and mental clarity, allowing you to think a lot clearer soon after taking it.

CBD comes in various forms, including drops.

Because of CBD’s ability to interact with the receptors of the ECS, it can help influence any one of its many biological processes. As such, CBD drops can help give the body the energy boost it needs to function properly throughout the day.


CBD drops have their own set of benefits. For starters, drops are quick and easy to consume. By simply dropping the formula into the mouth, under the tongue, you’re bound to experience near-immediate results. By dropping CBD directly sublingually, CBD can enter the bloodstream without having to go through the digestive system to metabolize. Not only does this allow the CBD to take effect much faster without it having to be digested first, it also allows for a much higher level of bioavailability. 

When we say ‘bioavailability’, we’re referring to the percentage of a substance that the body absorbs or how much of a substance can enter the bloodstream unaltered. The faster the substance can get into the bloodstream without having to go through the digestive system and liver, the higher its level of bioavailability. Take it quick, feel it sooner.

There are so many benefits of CBD drops and increasing energy levels is one of them. All of the benefits of CBD come from a natural plant. 

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