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Delicious nutrient-laden cookies!

Stress, anxiety, pain, and ailments are some of the unwanted gifts of the modern life. Medication is the only solution in such a situation, but nobody likes medicines, but we have a delicious alternative for a nutritional supplement.

  • THC Free 

Ingredients: Hemp, coconut flour, coconut oil, almonds, walnuts, fresh lemon, swerve sweetener (erythritol, oligosaccharides, natural flavours), grape seed oil, xanthan gum, vanilla.

Happy Bears Edibles understand your needs and hence offers you an exciting nutrition-laden cookie. Our Cannabidiol or CBD cookies are just like any regular cookies; the only difference is that these render various health benefits. Our Hemp Cookies are natural and are THC free.

The CBD helps in maintaining stability inside your body irrespective of the changes in the outer world. For this reason, these CBD Cookies help in relieving anxiety and PTSD even before its occurrence. You don’t need a prescription of a doctor for buying them and can order it from anywhere at any time.

These Hemp Cookies gets instantly absorbed by the body and within a few hours, the nutrients spread throughout the body. For this reason, it is available with varying dosage. Its effects can vary from individual to individual and depends upon many factors like the weight of the person and how his/her body responds to CBD. 

It is made in 100% natural way. So, there are no associated side-effects of these cookies. It helps in rendering the feeling of relaxation and pain relief. It helps in boosting up an overall immune system of the body hence protects against disease and ailments of all sorts. It is an ultimate mood enhancer. These yummy cookies also help in making you feel relaxed and happy. You can even get a clear and sparkling skin with its regular intake.

These hemp cookies have neuroprotective properties. It helps in relieving stress and anxiety. It also results in improved memory and better concentration. These cookies are also good for the health of your heart. CBD is also proved to be beneficial in cases such as psychosis, substance abuse, and diabetes.

Why Happy Bears?

Happy Bears offers top-quality CBD at a price you can afford. We use only top quality, organic hemp, and manufacture our own products to lock in all the powerful properties of the plant.

Orders within the Canada include free shipping**. Our friendly, world-class customer service team is always available to answer questions or provide any advice you need about using CBD.


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