Vitamin D3 Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

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Vitamin D3 Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

It’s more important than ever to take top quality supplements to help your body to ward off illness and fatigue.


Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. These nutrients are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy.


Ingredients: Hemp Extract, MCT Oil, Vitamin D3 (25ug/ml)


What is Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D is a really important vitamin that helps to promote the absorption of calcium while it aids bone growth and helps to boost the immune system. When we expose ourselves to sunlight, our skin naturally produces Vitamin D. It’s important to ensure that we consume enough Vitamin D as this will help to prevent deficiency.

What is CBD?

CBD is also known as Cannabidiol and this is a compound that is found in the Cannabid Sativa Plant or Marijuana as it is also known. It is a substance that is naturally occurring and despite many myths, it does not have the same effects as cannabis. This is because the plant is made up of two elements known as CBD and THC. CBD is the part of the plant that does not cause a psychoactive response. Therefore, it is completely harmless, has no psychoactive effects and could bring with it a wealth of health benefits.

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Delta 8-THC or Delta 8-Tetrahydrocannabinol is a new, cutting edge cannabinoid (derived from Hemp) which carries psychoactive effects and euphoric feelings associated with the typical properties associated with cannabis use. Additionally, Delta 8-THC is known for its anti-nausea, anti-anxiety, appetite stimulating and stress reducing properties.

“Hemp Derived THC” means that the THC is entirely produced from Hemp. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, which clarifies that “Hemp” is any cannabis plant containing less than 0.3% Delta 9-THC, Hemp is federally legal for all purposes under federal law. Marijuana or any cannabis plant containing more than 0.3% Delta 9-THC is not used in any “Hemp Derived THC” product.