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How to Sleep with Lower Back Pain

There is a complex and cyclical link between pain and sleep. Pain can disturb sleep, despite the fact that experiencing pain is exhausting. Additionally, poor sleep might increase the likelihood of experiencing pain the following day.

Back pain in particular affects sleep, as the position of the spine throughout the night determines whether the morning will be comfortable or uncomfortable. Read on to discover the common causes of back pain, how to sleep with lower back pain, and how to alleviate back pain while sleeping.

Common Back Pain Causes

The symptoms of back pain can range from mild muscle aches to shooting, burning, or even stabbing sensations. Occasionally, the pain will show in other areas of the body, such as tingling feelings down the sides of the legs or arms. Unfortunately, eight out of ten people will have back discomfort at some point in their life.

Here are some varyingly severe causes:

  • Bad posture, all day long slouching
  • Lifting hefty objects
  • Lifting objects incorrectly (lifting from the back instead of from the legs)
  • Being overweight or physically unfit
  • Exercising without adequate stretching

How Occasional Back Pain Interrupts Daily Life Sleep

Even though it may seem trivial, your sleeping posture can have a significant impact on how your back feels in the morning. The likelihood of waking up in pain is increased if you sleep in a position that does not promote correct spinal alignment. When lying down, it is just as important to maintain proper posture as it is when standing or sitting.

Pain can be caused by sleeping positions that entail twisting, contorting, or otherwise applying pressure to the lumbar spine. This discomfort is typically at its worst in the morning, and it might last throughout the day.

The Best Sleeping Positions for Lower Back Pain

Quality, restorative sleep is essential when trying to reduce occasional back pain. Below are a few suggestions for the best sleeping positions for lower and upper back pain. 

Optimize your sleeping position:


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