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Guest Post by: Natalie Gray

Edible cannabis is one of the active diffusion processes out there. Unlike inhaled cannabis, edible marijuana is metabolized by the liver. Metabolized marijuana indicates that more Cannabinoids are transformed into valuable forms by the body.


When you consume an edible cannabis, the body creates more of specific metabolites of both CBD and THC Cannabinoids. This metabolite are stronger than cannabinoids alone. It also can pass the blood-brain block more efficiently. The efficient passage of such cannabinoid implies that you’ll get one dominant high from an edible.


One research found that up to one hundred percent of certain cannabinoid from a certain marijuana seed  strain can be transformed into an active metabolite when consumed orally. Other studies put this number at the half. The research shows why edibles are so much more beneficial and lasting than inhaled cannabis.


Edible marijuana

Edibles are compact, safe and provide long-lasting effects. Cannabis oil can be ingested or consumed when added to cookies, pastries, candy, cakes, sauces, gravies, salad dressings, and various meals. It can also be concocted into a coffee, beer, tea, or any other refreshment of your choosing. 

One advice of discretion for those with limited or no knowledge of edibles is “go easy.” Free your schedule and take a low to moderate dose on an empty stomach the first course, so you get your bearings.  Because this high is unusual from regular smoking of a seedsman marijuana, it can seldom develop as quite a surprise.


After consuming, it takes one to two hours before the high kicks in. Once it does, it can remain up to five or six hours. Don’t get delusions of going back for seconds too soon because you don’t sense anything right away to kick in. This delusion is a common mistake.


These steps on the way to consume edibles are supposed to assist you in avoiding a negative cannabis experience:


Pay attention to your surroundings

Don’t have a false expectation for your first-time course with an edible. Many people take edibles and instantly want to consume like a belgian chocolate for medication or recreationally. This manner is a dubious proposition as the edibles market is very diverse in its dosing and concentration.


Create an expectation of discovery to your first feed with any new edible. You won’t recognize how it affects your body until you endeavour it. Make sure your surroundings and mental space are ready for a relaxing time, and that you’re in a secure place. It’s also a moral sense not to attempt any new edibles alone.

Fine-tune, begin with a small bite and wait

Most edibles now are marked with information about the cannabis used in edibles such as recipes or ingredients, strain and cannabinoids. Do some simple counting and divide the edible up so that you have approximately ten milligrams per dose, based on the edible’s complete cannabinoid content. If it’s a twenty milligrams (20mg) edible, break off a half. Ingest this much 

and wait for an hour to recognize what are the effects. It can take up to a couple of hours for an edible to completely metabolize.


If you are not feeling anything after an hour, wait at least for further Thirty minutes. Then, eat an extra half of what you just had. If you initially ate half of that twenty milligrams edible, break off another half, leaving a quarter of the consumable. Wait another Thirty minutes again. Repeat until you discover a dose that works for you.


Eating edibles gradually has something to do with how our body metabolizes substances, mainly orally. A lot of the active components are used and building up a base level of the content in the body. For example, boiling water: it takes a lot of heat to get it to the boiling point, and later once it starts to evaporate it doesn’t take much energy to maintain the reaction. This reaction is the same as the euphoric psychological state as well.


If you don’t sense anything on your initial dose, a lot of the cannabinoids are conditioning your body to a distinct condition. It is likely, “you might require adding fire to raise the temperature a few more degrees”. What you need to do is find the precisely right amount to start something out, without boiling over.

Use a weighing scale


Eating in gradual notes a great instruction until the cookie breaks down, which makes it challenging to estimate out how much is adequate. Even you have ended up exaggerating it sometimes. The resolution here is to get a weighing scale precise to a tenth of a gram so that you can weigh how much you are consuming.


If you’re sober at all about responsibly tempering your consciousness, a scale is an excellent investment. This manner is the best way to obtain your edibles content and be able to go back there from time to time reliably again. The weighing scale will pay for itself somewhat instantly as you’ll consume insufficient medicine.



Natalie Gray is a Biochemical Engineer. She works in the Research and Development team that focuses on the design and construction of unit processes. She is a recreational marijuana supporter and her love for organic chemistry brought her to medical cannabis. She grows her own flowers, working on different projects and study everything above and under cannabis roots.


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